Range 3 times greater than in standard wireless doorbells – up to 350m in open area,
69 buttons can be programmed to one bell
Volume level max. 85 dB
Touch button with an increased degree of airtightness (IP56)
10 high quality sounds and melodies to choose from
Possibility to turn off the sound completely (only optical signaling)
Modern slim design and “ambiled” type backlighting
Possibility to set another melody for each button (location recognition recall)
battery powered version (3 x AA batteries)
*The operating range given refers to an open area, i.e. ideal conditions, without obstacles. If there are any obstacles between the receiver and the transmitter it is necessary to foresee decrease of the operating range: for wood and plaster from 5 to 20%, brick from 20 to 40%, reinforced concrete from 40 to 80%. Use of the radio systems near the metal obstacles is not recommended due to considerable reduction of the operating range. In addition, overhead and underground high-voltage power lines, as well as cell towers located near devices, have a negative impact on the operating range.

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thanks to which it is characterized by high reliability and quality of the product. Bulik II has a range of up to 350 m in an open area, which means 3 times greater range compared to standard bells. The bell is equipped with a modern touch button with an increased degree of airtightness (IP56) ensuring its high resistance to weather conditions. As many as 69 such buttons can be programmed to one doorbell, which will meet the users’ requirements even in very large facilities with many inputs. In addition, by setting a different melody for a given button, you can easily verify the location of the call.
The device is also distinguished by a modern design and additional “ambiled” type backlighting. It is also possible to turn off the sound completely and leave only the optical signalling, which is a great solution for those looking for an effective and discreet paging device, e.g. people with small children.
Chime is available in two power variants – mains – plugged into a 230 V socket and a battery-powered, powered by three AAA batteries.


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