Recording and viewing images from 9 WI-FI cameras at the same time (2 cameras are included in the set and the remaining ones, if needed, can be purchased separately as ZMB-01/C)
Continuous recording or the ability to set the hours and days of the week when the camera is to record images
IR LEDs illuminating at night within 25 m range
USB input to connect an external memory device (recording backup) and a mouse for operation
Wireless technology eliminates the need for camera wiring
Motion detection function
Video compression system: H.265/H.265+, H.264/H.264+
HDMI and D-SUB video output for monitor/television connection
Remote access via the Internet through the application (Android and IOS)
Cameras in metal cases, weather-resistant (IP66), 2MP resolution (FULL HD, 1080p)
SATA HD storage space in the case
Set includes: DVR, 2 2 WI-FI 2MP (Full HD 1080p) cameras, mouse, cable feedthrough

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The ZMB-01 wireless monitoring set enables setting up a monitoring system for a specific object such as a house, property, company, garage etc., in a very easy and trouble-free way. Thanks to wireless technology, there is no need for wiring between the DVR and cameras (only power supplies must be connected to the cameras). You just have to install a hard disc in the DVR and the whole system is ready to work. Clear menu allows you to make additional settings conveniently with the included mouse. In addition to continuous recording, the user has a schedule at his disposal (he can set specific hours and days of the week on which the camera is to record). It is also possible to switch on the motion detection mode (the device starts recording only when the camera detects movement).

One DVR can connect up to 9 cameras, fulfilling the needs of more demanding customers as regards the number of places covered by monitoring. The 2MP (FULL HD 1080p) cameras provide sharp image quality, supported by IR LEDs with a range of approximately 25m. They have robust metal cases with an IP66 level of hermetic seal, ensuring full weather resistance and thus reliable operation for many years also outside the building.

Connecting the DVR to the Internet (through any router) allows you to access it remotely through a special, free application installed on your Android or IOS phone or tablet. Remote access provides you with the possibility of viewing the current image from all cameras and recordings saved on the hard drive of the DVR on your phone from any place in the world (provided there is an Internet connection).


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