rated voltage of 230 V AC,
two-way transmission – an indication of the current status of each output in the application
the possibility of connecting monostable or bistable switches,
time programmed independently for radio transmitters, external inputs and controller,
compatible with the controller and EXTA LIFE system transmitters,
programmable output status after power supply decay,
4 modes of operation in cooperation with transmitters (on / off, bistable, monostable, time),
times assigned independently for each
4 output channels (4 x dry contact make contacts),
4 programmable external inputs,
2 modes of operation in cooperation with the controller (on / off, temporary),
possibility of software remote update.

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The ROM-24 modular radio receiver is an end element of the EXTA LIFE system, which allows independent control of up to four devices / circuits. The outputs are realized in the form of four relays with NO contacts with a maximum load capacity of 5 A. This gives the possibility of controlling low-voltage circuits (for example 12/24 V AC / DC) and high-voltage circuits (230 V AC). The receiver works well when remotely triggering other devices. With p


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