About Us

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We develop world class automatic school bell systems that ring the bell following the school time table accurately . our systems are so affordable and easy to use as they need no human intervation as soon as they are setup to ring the school gong bell or siren


We have served a number of schools with modern CCTV camera systems that not only help them to ensure the security of the students but also to monitor classroom activities.Our packages for schools make the systems affordable to any level of schools


Inteligent electricity control systems for big instituions and homes. our systems enable you to automate the way electrical loads in your house behave in order to save power. Our systems have enabled schools to see a tremendus frop in there eletricity bills by turning of lights when they are not in use, automaticaly shuting down all computers when they are not in use, turning on and off socket outlets automatically to restrict access

NSOOKWA IVAN Electrical Engineer


VINCENT.O Director

What we really do?

We are dedicated to providing internet of things equipment to all innovators at a cheap price and in the shortest time possible . We also develop automation systems for homes , schools and industries

Our Vision

To become a reliable and most trusted supplier of authentic IOT  and electronics technology products

History of the Company

We began with a desire to develop quality automation systems to control electricity consumption and ring school bells automatically . We have developed to providing quality CCTV camera systems, Bio metric attendance systems, and helping innovators get electronic components easily in the shortest time possible

Cooperate with Us!

We are happy to join hands in improving lives especially in the education sector

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What can we do for you ?

Our support team is always ready to hear from you and render any help om any of our products . call us on +256755322457/+256774235639 or send us an email on  info@niktecautomations.com

Ensuring quality in all our productions is a priority in all our tasks . and for that , we have developed a good reputation for all our services and products

For our Electronics shop, we deliver quality components from our shop  in the shortest tome possible across east africa

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We have a list of satisfied customers that are using our products across east Africa and in case you would like inquire about our systems, click here