At Niktec, We are committed to providing quality technology solutions in all areas of life.  We have helped our customers automate processes, cut production costs and manage resources with our systems. Our Major systems are Automatic school Bells, Timers, Biometric systems that are used by schools that send Messages to Parents whenever a student reaches and leaves school.


This Rings the school bell (Siren or gong bell )  automatically following the school time table. Our systems are highly accurate and stable without time variations. The timetable can be fed in using the buttons on the system. Multiple bells can be connected to the system to ring at the same time. Our Automatic bell timers can control any bell and can be installed in any environment at an affordable cost. 


Many times students dont reach school, leave school and go to other places or leave school without authorised person’s notice . Our Biometric systems use face, card and fingerprint of a student to register their arrival and departure at school. when a student arrives at the school premise, They simply torch on the device which sends an SMS to the parent that a student has arrived and also Sends and SMS that the student has left on moving out . This keeps the parent or gardian updated about the movement of the student . Records are also backed up on the cloud and at school local computer .


Our CCTV camera packages are the Ideal solution for your business. we set up visible and hidden CCTV cameras in all required places and configure them to be accused on your phone or computer anywhere in the world.