Automatic School Bells,Biometric systems and IT support

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About Niktec Automations

We are a company dedicated to providing electronic automation solutions like automatic school bells, smart time and attendence systems , Security systems , Automatic registers , and customised systems for our clients to meet their needs .

We always sourcing for better technologies to provide to our clients and we have done so for the last half a decade .

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Automatic school bells

Bells that automatically follow the time table and ring at the set time . Setting and changing timeis very easy

Smart Time and attendence Systems

We provide mult-functional time and attendence systems to schools companies and other  instituions. Our systems use Face , Card and fingerprint recogonition .

IT support

We provide IT consultation to a number of clients with support in marketing, Data science , predictive analytics and machine learning .


Some of our clients

Our clients

We have worked with a number of schools , companies and individuals .Our Automatic school bells are currently running over 60 schools in East Africa. We have always recived positive feedback about our systems and provided support where necessary

We have installed biometric systems for logging time and attence for students, teachers ,and other staff members .

We currently offer IT support to travel companies, Telecom comapnies and individual business owners .

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